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Savvy Choice / Fin-tech

Project type

Royal College of Art Diploma Course - Artefact Project


Nov/2023-Dec/2023 (2 Month)


Fin-tech, Financial industry

Savvy Choice is an innovative service tailored to enhance wise spending habits among South Korean adolescents. Predominantly dependent on parental allowances, these youths often struggle with unplanned spending, highlighting a crucial gap in financial literacy and money management experience.

Addressing this, Savvy Choice focuses on fostering intelligent spending. Given the strong influence of peer groups on adolescents, the app allows users to upload and share potential purchases, indicating the price as a percentage of their allowance. It features a 24-hour voting period, enabling friends to advise on purchases.

Savvy Choice is designed to extend the consumer journey, encouraging more thoughtful and deliberate spending among youth. The app seeks to not only influence individual spending habits but also to cultivate a culture of financial responsibility. With tools for informed decision-making and a space for recognizing wise spending choices, it aims to reshape the financial understanding of the Z generation, promoting a longer and more reflective decision-making process and instilling critical financial skills.

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