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PAPERIAN / Sharing Economy

Project type

Solo Project


Jan/2021 – Mar/2021 (3 Month)


Paper book market, Blockchain

PAPERIAN project that facilitates the paper book market by using a sharing and circular economy, based on a blockchain system. Compared to digital media, the biggest problem of paper books is that its incur storage costs as physical assets. In addition, it was evident that the value of paper books decreased over time.
PAPERIAN provides a membership service that digitalizes users' reading data and utilizes the space of local bookstores to store books using proof of the blockchain system. Users can use data and information regarding their books on the app. Also, as users lend other readers their data and paper books, they can get a Bookcoin. Readers are given incentives by adding comments to users' books, and as more data accumulates, the value of books managed by our services increases.

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