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I'm Jane Park.

As a service design practitioner, my approach is rooted in the belief that digital equity can contribute to a better world. This conviction stems from having directly seen and felt how technology connects people from diverse backgrounds and makes information and opportunities more accessible to them. To achieve this, I have pursued design studies with a deep interest in sociological phenomena and ethical design. 


My design process begins with empathy toward people. This empathy leads to user-centered research and humanistic design approaches to addressing people’s problems. By doing so, I strive to design accessible solutions that resonate on both personal and national levels. 


My core objective lies in deeply understanding the needs and behavioural patterns of the younger generation. Within the changing societal landscape, I see it as my social responsibility to assist them in overcoming the challenges they face, thereby enabling them to find and fulfil their roles within society. This commitment is not only aimed at facilitating their growth and development but also at making a positive contribution to society as a whole.

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UX Design Awards Virtual Award Ceremony 2021
UX Design Awards

UX Design Awards Virtual Award Ceremony 2021

The winners of the UX Design Awards 2021 were announced during a virtual ceremony on 1 September. Out of more than 400 submissions from over 50 countries, the #UXDA21-jury had nominated 140 projects to participate in the competition. From this shortlist, the jurors determined 15 winners, among which two projects – one in the New Talent- and one in the Product category – were deemed worthy of a Gold award. In addition, twelve projects across all categories received a special mention. International Design Center Berlin congratulates all winners! We are grateful to all participants in the UX Design Awards 2021 and are very much looking forward to an exciting #UXDA22! Please find all results on the UX Design Awards Website: The “UX Design Award | Gold“ in the “Product” category was awarded to “Velieve” by, a urinary tract infection (UTI) test and treat service, allowing women to test themselves at home and receive medication. The “UX Design Award | Gold“ in the “Product” category was awarded to “Velieve” by, a urinary tract infection (UTI) test and treat service, allowing women to test themselves at home and receive medication. In the “UX Design Award | Product“ category (market-ready products and services), the jury chose the following six Product Award winners among 74 nominated submissions: CleanMyMac by MacPaw Philips Respironics Mask Selector by Philips HP Tango Smart Printer Setup Experience by HP Inc. My Lung Health by Samsung Research America Series 09 Rugged CAN Keypads – Rugged. Modular. Reliable. by EAO AG Ziina Digital Wallet for MENA by Ziina Four Special Mentions went to MAiRA, Multi-Sensing Intelligent Robotic Assistant by NEURA Robotics, Philips Hue app V4 by Signify, Vistaprint Masks Website by Work & Co, and Häfele Discoveries 2021 by Häfele SE & Co. KG. While the jury did not pronounce a winner in the “UX Design Awards | Concept“ and “UX Design Awards | Vision“ categories, “Smartarchivo - digital documentation in nuclear medicine and radiochemistry” by Chroma Experience GmbH and “The Critical Care Experience Suite” by Philips both received Special Mentions. Finally, seven award winners were selected from 47 nominees in the “UX Design Awards | New Talent” category (bachelor and master projects): “Beep Beep! Venous Infusion Leak Detector” by Hui-Ying Hsu, Shih-Hsuan Chiu, and Xiang-Yun Chen of National Taipei University of Education “Aliado - The cooperative medical AI” by Hannes Maurer, Frederic Myers, Sven Hornburg, Johanna Brandenburg, Michael Haselbeck, and André Schulze of HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, and Nationales Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen (NCT) “UMI” by Divina Lakkhiani, Dhvani Suba, Ilona Guiraud, and Samuel Belliard of ISD Rubika “Motice: Imagine tomorrow’s financial UX” by Yanyi Lu, Dongheng Wu, Yuchen Lan, and Jakob Kohnle of Umeå Institute of Design “FLAGG Community based Dark Pattern warning assistant” by Dario Iannone of Fachhochschule Potsdam “Time Leap - Exploring History” by Christian Motsch of Fachhochschule Magdeburg - Stendal “Hi CELLA” by Jane Park Five Special Mentions went to “AMI - prosthesis that feels” by Anastasiya Torgashova and Diana Gus; “Coders” by Seoyeong Heo; “Hygienic stoup for public use in a post-pandemic reality” by Hanna Harkawy; “Littles“ by Ka Sin Cheung and Wan Ting To, and  “Nui Rewards” by Gandhali Bapat. Users from all over the world honored the project "App that distributes donations via voting" by anooah Donations gGmbH, designed by 8reasons Digital GmbH & Co. KG with the title "UX Design Award | Public Choice 2021". anooah connects companies with associations and people who can democratically decide on the distribution of donations. The audience award was decided in a public online voting campaign among all 140 nominated products, services, and concepts. With about 15,000 votes cast, #UXDA21 registered a lively turnout.
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